I hope that I can provide the rooms that have one or more Qrabbels on the wall with peace and inspiration. Upload a picture of the Qrabbels on your wall, so that I can show a selection here to the other visitors.
Let me know if so.

I hope that you have a lot of fun finding all my signatures and hashtags in the Qrabbels. Have you already found out which two sections of the 1200 are combined into 1 Qrabbel?
Post your solutions so I can see you’re working on it.

I hope that one day the whole work of art will be on display in a museum in the following way. Follow the steps.
Are you a museum director and do you want to be the first to participate in this unique concept, please contact me.

Step 1

In the museum, 1200 nails are placed in the wall, where the artworks will later be hung.

Sketch collection wall in museum

Step 2

Every time one of the 1200 unique NFT’s is sold, I will print that version (30 x 30 cm) and edit it into a work of art that will hang in the museum in the right position in a black frame.
I will edit the print with oil paint based on the original Qrabbel. That way the artwork will grow and be finished when all 1200 hang on the wall. The end result should be something like this.

Collection wall museum

The end date for it to hang completely in the museum could be December 25, 2025: my birthday. So make sure you quickly own an NFT and become part of this unique work of art.

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