About Chrisdus

I have created this collection with the start of a doodle during a phone call. I scanned the image and during a vacation in Plougasnou I made a digital artwork of it in color.

Then I decided to divide the artwork in 1200 sections. This because this number tells you that you are on the right track to achieve your goals, but also that you have to devote yourself to the right values and find time for your family and friends. Each section I named a Qrabbel and is a combination of two other sections to make it even more powerful.

Because I worked a lot with formulas in Excel I thought it would be fun to generate hashtag names for each Qrabbel. Each Qrabbel has a quote which I think helps the message and represents me. You can also buy a Qrabbel as a NFT on OpenSea.

I hope that with this collection everyone can be part of one great piece of art that can get the message across when it hangs on your wall at home or at work.

I also like puzzels. So can you find all my signatures, hashtags and other hidden easter eggs?

Both the accompanying hashtag and my signature are incorporated in each of the 1200 works.

Seek and ye shall find,” exhortation saying that if one pursues something with zeal enough, one will get it.

The making of…

Qrabbel OG
Plougasnou 2021
Collection wall Qrabbels